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Thank you for visiting Uncle Hal Press. This venture was started as a way to share with the world the fantastical artwork of my great-great uncle, Harold Gaze. In 2007, I gathered the family watercolors that "Uncle Hal" had made in the 1920s through the late 1950s, to properly archive the work. In this process I cleaned the prints, had them drum scanned, and then later framed in archival materials. Years of sun exposure and acid backed matting had left the delicate watercolors faded and worn.

A substantial amount of research went along with this project, which enabled me to better comprehend the man that had always loomed large in family lore, but more importantly, helped me to understand the important legacy Harold Gaze left in the world of children's illustration. Sadly, despite the fame and importance he garnered within his genre, a surprising lack of information exists about his life and work. I hope through this project to improve access to accurate information about Harold Gaze, and also to allow others to see and hold some of his imaginative works.